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Alex Haeri

At Avant-Garde Kinema Studios we are a team of passionate and professional filmmakers & photographers. With over 20 years of experience! If you're looking for the best film production or wedding videography so look no further. We pride ourselves on providing the best service for a price that fits our customer's needs. Whether you want full coverage of the most beautiful day of your life or well-thought-out video production of your concert. or music video. 

Education & Passion

I graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelor of Art in theatre and film productions in 2014. Also, I have a profound study in European film and art during my education. I got my first super 8 mm camera at the age of 16 from my uncle and started editing homemade videos juxtaposed with Chaplin footage, where I noticed how video is more than one art. Vidoe is consists of 7 individual pieces of art. 

I run this business platform to prove how easy it can be to produce video productions at any stage. At Avant-Garde Kinema Studios, we produce artsy and original videos that stand out significantly. I believe my job as a producer is to focus on multicultural American culture deeply.  I would love to work on different cultures with different flavors among people's stories. I mainly focus on 3 stages of each story in all my videos, beginning, middle, and end if the audience is missing something in a video is lacks that 3 stages. Remember, video is the language of footage. 

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